How Surveyors and Engineers Work Together

A professional land surveyor will tell you if what you have found is your property ; you may be amazed to learn that in many circumstances, what you think will be a surveying monument might not be one at all. Additionally, your findings would not hold up in court, while a licensed land surveyor’s would.

It Is Very Rare To Get A Neighbor To Encroach More Than A Property Line.

It is more common than you think;tree surveying see these types of issues. Don’t be so certain that you aren’t discriminated upon land which legally belongs to your neighbor, or they are not technically doing exactly the same with your house. When in doubt, hire a land surveyor to indicate the exact property line.

I Will Build My Fence About Your Property Line With No Survey.

Even if you’re certain you are building only on your land, it’s always smart to protect your investment by making certain you know exactly where the property lines are. If it ends up you have assembled onto a neighboring property, you might be forced to tear off your work. Think twice before creating a fence right on the property line, even if you think know right where it is.

The Fence Has To Be My Property Line; It’s Been There A Hundred Years.

The fact is, the older the weapon, the more likely it is to be encroaching, only because survey documents weren’t as accurate a hundred decades ago as they are today. Fences, especially those built decades ago, are just an approximation of where the land is or was thought to be. Again, don’t presume: employ a land surveyor to be sure.

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